Coriolus versicolor Extract/yunzhi extract

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Coriolus versicolor,Commonly known as the “turkey tail” in north America, coriolus versicolor, is unique among the medicinal mushrooms, with extensive use in both traditional herbalism and morden clinical practice. The focus of the morden clinical use and research (over 400 published studies), has been the immunomodulating and anti-tumor properties of the hot water extracted polysaccharides.

Our products extract from wild coriolus versicolor fruitboby. Use our patent of JSM-01 and JSM-02. Include β-glucan: the trunk chain is β(1,3), and the lateral chain is β(1,6), alkaloids, protein, amino acids.

Coriolus versicolor Extract Powder,/yunzhi extract Polysaccharides 50%

Specification of coriolus versicolor extract                                   

Product Name: Coriolus versicolor mushroom P.E

Latin name: Polystictus versicolor(L.)Fr. polysaccharide

Alias: Coriolus versicolor bacterium, bacterium, fungus, color suede W.

Type: Herbal Extract

Effective components: polysaccharides 30%-70%

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder

Analysis method:UV

Function of coriolus versicolor extract

Coriolus versicolor polysaccharides were used in practice to support immune health after surgical treatment for various conditions and to support and protect immune health in those patients receiving therapies where immune suppression is a prominent feature, dispel dampness, reduced phlegm, treat pulmonary infections the moredn clinical use and research has witnessed the immunity-modulating and anti-tumor.


1.Coriolus versicolor polysaccharides were used in practice to support immune health after surgical treatment for various conditions. 


2.To support and protect immune health in those patients receiving therapies where immune suppression is a prominent feature. dispel dampness, reduce phlegm, treat pulmonary infections the modern clinical use and research has witnessed the immunity-modulating and anti-tumor


Application of  coriolus versicolor extract

1.Applied in food field,arnebia root extract is mainly used as the raw material ;

2.Applied in cosmetic field,arnebia root extract will keep skin speckleless and wrinkleless;

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field,arnebia root extract used to promoting blood circulation and regulating breathing.