Sea-buckthorn Extract Powder

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Description of Hippophae rhamnoides Extract/Sea-buckthorn Extract Powder:

Seabuckthorn is known as the " vitamin king ". Seabuckthorn oil contains 46 kinds of biological active substances and a lot of vitamin E, vitamin A and flavonoids. Seabuckthorn fruit oil use seabuckthorn whole fruit as raw material, it is a natural nutrient essential oils by CO2 supercritical fluid extraction, has a unique aromatic smell of the seabuckthorn fruit. Seabuckthorn fruit oil rich in oleic and linoleic acid content as high as 85%. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, in addition contains a lot of vitamin A,vitamin E and other nutrients.


1. Latin Name: Hippophae Rhamnoides L.

2. Appearance: yellow fine powder,oil.

3. Part of used: Fruit

4. Specification: Hippophae rhamnoides Powder, Seabuckthorn Berry fruit /Seed Oil capsules,soft gel, Fruit Powder, Ratio Extract 5:1, 10:1, 20:1etc.

5. Testing Method: TLC

Main Function:



(3)Has a protective effect on the immune system, blood system

(4)Protect the liver, stomach, the gastric mucosa and lung

(5)Inflammation, relieving pain, treating burns

(6)Anti - radiation


1. Applied in food field, noni juice is highly welcome, children and oldie aslo may drinking;

2. Applied in health product field, aslo can be made into capsule to adjust physiological function;

3 . Applied in cosmetic field, aslo used to moisturizing and skin whitening.

Storage: Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture and strong light/heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.