Fructus Rubi Extract

日期:2016/4/16 15:20:31  作者:迪创生物  来源:本站

Product Name: Fructus Rubi Extract 

Latin name: Rubus idaeus L. 

Specification: Raspberry Ketone 5%-99%, Anthocyanidins 1%-10%

Test Method: UV

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Production process: Spray-dried

Type: 100% Natural

Description: Known as Palmleaf Rasberry Fruit in English, Fructus Rubi is known as Fu Pen Zi in traditional Chinese medicine. It is most commonly found inChina, but, with the spread of traditional Chinese medicine around the world as an acceptable form of alternative medicine, it is also found in use in theUnited States. Sweet and sour in taste, Fructus Rubi has a number of beneficial properties for those who prefer herbal medicine.

1.Preventing and curing the cardiovascular diseases
2.Preventing and curing the heart disease 
3.Can reduce the cholesterol in the blood 
4.Preventing and curing the diabetes 
5.Suppress cancer cell grow
6.Effect to cure the colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and pancreas cancer.

Application: Functional food, drinks, health care products and pharmaceuticals.

Package: 25kg/drum. Packed in fiber-paper drum with aluminum bags inside.

Storage: Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years