Carrot Extract

日期:2016/4/16 15:16:13  作者:迪创生物  来源:本站

Product Name: Carrot Extract

Latin name: Daucus carota

Specification: Carrot fibre 10%-90%, 5:1 10:1 20:1

Test Method: TLC 

Appearance: Light Yellow fine powder

Production process: Spray-dried

Type: 100% Natural

Description: Carrot (Daucus carrot), also known as the carrot, is Umbelliferae Daucus biennial herb. In fleshy root eaten as a vegetable. Active ingredients: carrot dietary fiber

Function: Lose weight, enhance immunity, anemia, colds, constipation, high blood pressure, prevent cancer, stomach, beauty

Application: Health food, medicine.

Package: 25kg/drum. Packed in fiber-paper drum with aluminum bags inside.

Storage: Store in cool and dry place and avoid light and heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years