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Product Name: L-carnitine

Description: L-carnitine (L-carnitine) translation carnitine, a fat into energy to promote a class of amino acids, non-toxic side effects on the human body. Different types of diet already contains 5-100 mg of L-carnitine, but generally only a day from dietary intake of 50 mg intake of less vegetarians. The main physiological function of L-carnitine to promote fat into energy, taking L-carnitine can reduce body fat, lower body weight, while not reducing water and muscle, in 2003 by the International Obesity Health Organization as the most secure no side effects weight loss nutritional supplements.

English name: L-Carnitine

Specification: 10% -99%

CAS: 541-15-1

Molecular formula: C7H15NO3

Appearance: white powder

Particle size: 100 mesh

Function: promote fat into energy, it is possible to reduce body fat, lower body weight, while not reducing water and muscle.

Package: 1kg / aluminum foil bag; 25kg / drum

Storage: Store in cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature

Validity period: 24 months

L-carnitine suitable people:

1. The need to lose weight people

2. want to lose weight but feared side effects of crowd

3. do not like a lot of movement of people

4. General belly men


L-carnitine in clinical practice, for carnitine deficiency and cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, diabetes and concurrent heart disease, immune dysfunction, kidney dialysis, blood fat and other adjuvant therapy. On health care, anti-fatigue, hypoxia, weight loss and increased energy and other effects off.

Food Additive L-carnitine as a novel functional food additive has been universally accepted as the world, the Ministry of Health had to be included in the nutritional supplements of L-carnitine class. Currently used mainly for infant formula, sports drinks and diet fitness food. Muscles of your body depends on the ability of fatty acids into energy. L-carnitine is an amino acid essential to achieve this transformation. Combined with exercise, diet, L-carnitine supplement per day to 0.5 grams.