Milk Thistle Extract

日期:2016/4/12 20:49:30  作者:迪创生物  来源:本站

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract

Latin name:. Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner
Plant Source: This belongs to Compositae Silybum marianum (Linne) Gaertner dry ripe fruit
Active ingredients: milk thistle in the main, including: silibinin (Silybinin) A, B, silymarin Ning (Silydianin), silychristin (Silychristin), Dehydrosilybinin, Isosilybinin A, B, etc., collectively called silymarin (silymarin),
Specifications: 80%
Test Method: UV
Appearance: light yellow or brown powder
Function: extend from prevention and treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis to anti-aging, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and other aspects. Clinical application of acute and chronic hepatitis, early cirrhosis, toxic liver damage.
Application: pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, can be formulated into anti-fatigue, anti-aging and brain health food;