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Product Name: Melatonin

Description: Melatonin, Merah ketone Ning, inhibiting melanin, the pineal gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by the amine of the pineal gland in mammals and humans produce, capable of generating melanin (melanin) cells shiny, thus the name melatonin. It exists in many from algae to humans and other organisms, the levels change with the time of day.

English name: melatonin

Specifications: 99%

CAS: 73-31-4

Molecular formula: C13N2H16O2

Appearance: yellow powder

Particle size: 80 mesh


1. improve sleep

2. Anti-aging

3. The regulation of the immune

4. Fight Cancer

Package: 1kg / aluminum foil bag; 25kg / drum

Storage: Store in cool, dry, dark, avoid high temperature